Black Energy

CERN – the largest experiment in the world.
The “God particle” has been found – will there now be another part for the devil?

Dr. Marco Falbert puts his heart and soul into his work at the European research center CERN in Geneva with the aim of developing a new and clean source of energy. Michelle, his wife, loves nature more than anything and takes a job in the nearby botanical garden. Together with their two children, they move into their dream house in an idyllic Swiss mountain valley. Paradise seems perfect.

The strange behavior of the villagers makes Michelle uneasy. She senses a looming danger for her family. Her husband, Marco, cannot understand this fear until the first catastrophe occurs and almost wipes out his family. Michelle was right. Only – Michelle has completely different fears…
The scientists say: “Nothing can possibly happen.”
Have they really considered everything? Can people really think everything through? Let yourself be led into a story that you certainly hadn’t thought of.

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